Introduction to Core & Pelvic Floor Workshop: Back, Hip & Pelvic Health

Having a healthy pelvic floor (and core) is essential for hip mobility, spine and postural stability, bowel, bladder, and sexual function as well as overall well-being.

What is the “core”? The “core” is multidimensional and encompasses multiple layers of muscle (deep AND superficial) that work together as a system to align, balance, and stabilize your hips and spine so you can move more efficiently and function optimally. While this workshop focuses on the four primary deep core stabilizers (the diaphragm, transverses abdominus, pelvic floor, and multifidus), we’ll address the body as a whole.

Join us to deepen your understanding of the anatomy and function of the pelvic floor (and core) and the role it plays in supporting your back, hips, spine, and organs.

We’ll explore breathing practices, restorative yoga, techniques, and gentle movement designed to train your core for optimal function so you can move with greater ease and continue to do the activities you enjoy as you age.

Discover freedom of movement, balance, and supple strength from the inside out.

You will learn:

  • The mechanics of breathing and the relationship between the breath and pelvic floor, hips, and spine
  • Basic anatomy and function of the pelvic floor and deep core
  • Common misconceptions about how to strengthen the pelvic floor and core
  • Symptoms of pelvic floor weakness, tightness, and imbalances
  • Pelvic floor issues and who is at risk for pelvic floor issues
  • Causes and contributors of pelvic floor issues
  • How to identify breathing, tension, and movement patterns that inhibit core function
  • Enhance sensory and postural awareness
  • Exercises to properly engage pelvic floor, stabilize hips, back, and sacroiliac joints (SI joints) as well as relieve chronic tension and stress

Plus, you’ll have access to a private YouTube class link of a 45 min class to review what you learned in the workshop.

This workshop will include lecture, movement practice, and discussion.

Whether you are a beginner, athlete, yoga practitioner or teacher, please join us!

* Stay tuned! Next workshop to be announced.

* This is an informational and experiential workshop. It is not intended to substitute medical treatment or advice. If you have concerns about your health or experience persistent pain, please consult a qualified medical professional.

Join us for an 8-week series, Explore & Restore Your Core for Back, Hip, & Pelvic Health.

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