What is a mindful healthy lifestyle?

A mindful healthy lifestyle includes more than diet and exercise. It encompasses each aspect of life including:

  • how you move, feed, and rest your body
  • how you feed your mind
  • how you manage stress
  • your environment
  • your relationships
  • spirituality
  • personal and professional growth


It involves developing awareness of the aspects of life that contribute to overall health, happiness, and well-being and understanding how each dimension influences one another.

In this program, we’ll explore your values and goals so you can gain clarity about what matters most to you and define what healthy looks like in your day to day life.

I’ll help you identify areas in which you would like to improve and create a plan of action to move forward.

This comprehensive approach focuses on mindfully eating, managing stress, and enhancing overall health by making small daily changes. It’s designed to help you break the cycle of mindless eating, obsessing about weight loss, and develop a new relationship with yourself and food.

Instead of changing everything at once, you’ll learn how to create sustainable eating and exercise habits and self-care practices to support your goals. You’ll learn tools and strategies to help you on your path to live more mindfully, with intention.

Sessions are offered in-person or virtually.


  • Includes 8 coaching sessions. Sessions are weekly for the first month, then we’ll meet twice per month. Investment: $780 (pay in 2 installments).
  • Includes 8 coaching sessions + 8 gentle yoga/movement sessions (16 total).  Investment: $1,550 (pay in 2 installments).
  • Both packages include tools, resources, email support, and accountability in between sessions based on your needs.

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