Are you dissatisfied with your health, weight or other aspects of your life?

Transform the way you ‘think’ about and approach your health, food and weight loss, and discover how to create sustainable habits.

This 12-week program involves a comprehensive “whole person” approach towards enhancing overall health and well-being, the mindful way.

This is not a quick-fix weight loss program. It’s a much more satisfying and intentional way of living. Sustain is a practical lifestyle program providing tools and support in a group setting to cultivate a “whole” New Way of Thinking, Eating and Living.

Through this series, you will:

  • Learn strategies and self-care practices to improve overall health and well-being
  • Identify triggers and habits that prevent you from achieving your goals
  • Improve your relationship with food and your body
  • Learn how to shift your focus from how much you weigh to a sense of self-acceptance and compassion
  • Learn how to eat mindfully and reduce mindless overeating
  • Break free from the cycle of dieting and feelings of guilt and deprivation
  • Gain control of your health and life

Each session includes gentle mindful movement, meditation, discussion, and journaling exercises. No yoga experience is necessary. If you have physical limitations, accommodations are available.

This program provides guidance, encouragement, accountability as well as group support.

Please bring a mat, water, and a journal.

Contact me for more information.