about lynette mattina

about lynette mattina

I believe we all have the potential to transform our lives through movement and lifestyle choices. Regardless of our life experience, age, genetics or health conditions, we are capable of far more than we’ve ever imagined. There are possibilities waiting to be discovered within each of us.

My own journey toward health began in 1987 inspired by my family history of chronic health conditions. In my commitment to making personal lifestyle changes, I quickly developed a desire to help others on their path to wellness.

I’ve always been fascinated with the study of human movement, potential, and behavior. For as long as I can remember, I wanted to understand how our bodies and minds are designed to work from the inside out. I’ve always been curious about the mind-body connection, holistic health and what motivates and compels people to change.

Through my 25+ years experience in the health field, owning an exercise studio, personal training, health coaching, and teaching yoga, pilates, and various fitness classes as well as working in a rehabilitation setting, I’ve learned tools and strategies to help you achieve your personal goals.

I’m dedicated to helping you gain a better understanding of your body and how it is intended to move from the inside out. By integrating my training and education as an Integrative Health Coach, Yoga Teacher, and Physical Therapist Assistant, I can help you recognize movement patterns and mindset habits that hold you back from creating the change you desire and I can assist you in overcoming your challenges.

Whether you’re seeking stress relief, weight loss or relief from stiffness, aches, and pain, I’m committed to supporting and guiding you on your path to improve your quality of life and movement and discover your full potential.

My areas of focus are teaching practices for self-care and stress management, creating sustainable lifestyle changes in relation to food and exercise, and blending various methods of yoga, pilates, functional movement and therapeutic exercise techniques to improve function and resilience and enhance well-being.

I work with a broad range of clients individually and in small group classes as well as offer various workshops throughout the year. I work with people who value growth and want to become the best version of themselves  -mind, body, heart, and soul.

Creating lasting change doesn’t happen by accident; it happens by choice – with intention.

The hardest part can be getting started. Let today be the day you get started.

About Me

My education includes a Bachelor of Science in Health Education and Exercise Science from the University of South Alabama. I also graduated from Bishop State Community College’s Physical Therapist Assistant program and Duke University’s Department of Integrative Medicine’s Health Coaching program.

Duke is the nation’s first academic medical center to develop a health coaching program based on clinical experience and research. Integrative health focuses on prevention and caring for the whole being considering how lifestyle choices influence overall health and wellness.

My mission is to encourage and empower you to embrace your imperfections, challenge your

limitations, and discover your path to moving and living from your core, with intention.

I, too, am on this journey. Let’s journey together.