about lynette mattina

about lynette mattina

I believe we all have the potential to transform our lives through mindful movement and lifestyle choices. Regardless of our life experience, age, genetics or health conditions, we are capable of far more than we’ve ever imagined. There are possibilities waiting to be discovered within each of us.

My own journey toward health began in 1987 inspired by my family history of chronic health conditions. In my commitment to making personal lifestyle changes, I quickly developed a desire to help others on their path toward health.

I’ve always been fascinated with the study of human movement, potential, and behavior. For as long as I can remember, I wanted to understand how our bodies and minds are designed to work from the inside out. I’ve always been curious about the mind-body connection and the concept of wholeness.

Throughout my 25+ years experience in the health field, owning an exercise studio, personal training, health coaching, teaching traditional fitness classes, yoga, and pilates, as well as working in a rehabilitation setting, I developed a special interest in an integrative approach to health, healing, and movement. Naturally my style of teaching evolved and continues to evolve with current research. When it comes to building a strong, healthy, and resilient mind and body it is essential to address the whole body, care for the whole being, and consider how movement and lifestyle habits influence pain, stress, and overall well-being.

One thing that hasn’t changed is my passion for helping others on their path to optimal health.

Currently, my focus is working with people who are recovering from an injury, living with a health condition, or experiencing chronic stress, persistent back, hip, or pelvic pain or issues associated with poor posture.

Whether you’re seeking relief from stress, aches, and pain, or you want to improve your posture, strength and flexibility, or you struggle with making sustainable lifestyle changes, I’m dedicated to helping you achieve your personal goals.

Through working with me you will learn self-care practices, mind-body exercises, and tools to build strength and resilience, move with ease and freedom, live with less stress, and become your best self – mind, body & soul.

I offer private (1:1) and small group yoga, movement education, and coaching as well as wellness workshops and retreats.

Creating lasting change doesn’t happen by accident; it happens by choice – with intention.

 Little by little, step by step, movement by movement, you will get there.

You are stronger and more capable and resilient than you think.

Discover your path to live and move from your core, with intention and loving awareness.

Let today be the day you get started.

About Me

My education includes a Bachelor of Science in Health Education and Exercise Science from the University of South Alabama. I also graduated from Bishop State Community College’s Physical Therapist Assistant program and Duke University’s Department of Integrative Medicine’s Health Coaching program. In addition, I’ve taken evidence based courses in Functional Pelvic Floor Training, Spine Anatomy & Dysfunction, Stress & Resilience, Functional Core Training, Pilates, Exercise and Movement Therapy, Shoulder Anatomy & Biomechanics, Medical Therapeutic Yoga, and Lumbar Anatomy & Dysfunction.


My mission is to encourage you to meet yourself with loving awareness, embrace your imperfections, challenge your limitations, and believe you have the capability to create the change you desire through mindful movement and lifestyle choices.

I, too, am on this journey. Let’s journey together.