Integrative Health Coaching, Movement & Yoga

Integrative Health Coaching, Movement & Yoga


Transform your life through mindful movement and lifestyle choices.

Discover your path to live and move from your core, with intention and loving awareness.

You are stronger and more capable and resilient than you think.

Balance • Stability • Mobility • Mindfulness


movement & yoga

Lynette Mattina

integrative coaching

Lynette Mattina Integrative Health Coaching Session


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what clients are saying

  • Lynette helped me identify my stressors and overcome my obstacles. 

    I have lost 21lbs since working with Lynette. I'm less obsessed with my weight and I now focus on a broader me. I feel younger, happier and healthier. I'm challenging myself to goals I would've never imagined: physical, social and creative... And I'm succeeding!

    Liz D.
  • I have participated in Lynette's yoga classes and group coaching series. Lynette is as naturally gifted for her role as she is well trained and experienced. While her credentials speak for themselves, she is compassionate, insightful, and encouraging. Her persevering spirit is so strong it's contagious! Very quickly after I began working with Lynette my wellness improved dramatically. In addition to gaining strength in my body, I grew closer to my values and found calm amidst a stressful time in my life. I am thankful for her guidance and inspiration!

    Laurin K.

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