“As I have aged, I gained weight, had no energy, and generally did not feel my best.

My primary care physician told me to eat less and exercise more. THAT wasn’t working. When I discussed weight loss with Lynette, she said she wouldn’t focus on a single aspect of me (weight loss) but rather look at me as a whole. I was willing to try something different.

When I started working with Lynette, I realized there were aspects of my life I was neglecting that were contributing to my inability to lose weight and feel better. Even though I live a relatively low stress life, I didn’t realize the stress present in my life and how it affected me physically and my ability to make healthy choices.

Lynette helped me identify my stressors and overcome my obstacles.
I have lost 21 lbs since working with Lynette. I’m less obsessed with my weight and I now focus on a broader me. I feel younger, happier and healthier. I’m challenging myself to goals I would’ve never imagined: physical, social and creative… And I’m succeeding!”

~ Liz D.

“I have participated in Lynette’s yoga classes and group coaching series. Lynette is as naturally gifted for her role as she is well trained and experienced. While her credentials speak for themselves, she is compassionate, insightful, and encouraging. Her persevering spirit is so strong it’s contagious! Very quickly after I began working with Lynette my wellness improved dramatically. In addition to gaining strength in my body, I grew closer to my values and found calm amidst a stressful time in my life. I am thankful for her guidance and inspiration!”

~Laurin K.

“I had taken several of Lynette’s yoga and Pilates exercise classes when I heard about her life/health coaching groups. I was curious and excited, and rightly so. Her life coaching really challenged me!

Lynette’s instruction in the studio is challenging, but also intuitively gentle. She has an innate ability to meet each student at their current level. Repeatedly I’d see her encourage students with physical limitations (due to injury or otherwise – myself included) while simultaneously challenging each of us to excel. She taught me that yoga isn’t just about exercise – it’s about growth, exploration, and self-acceptance. I learned to embrace my own physical/mental body regardless of my imperfections. My yoga practice became less about “proving myself physically”, and instead, I became grateful for my strength. Amazingly, I learned how easy it is to laugh at my stumbles during my yoga practice. Lynette’s coursework helped me transition that attitude to other areas of my life.

I learned to live with intention, not only in my yoga practice, but to do so daily, weekly, and monthly. And as I started living intentionally, my life suddenly became different; empowering, reflective, joyful. I learned a lot about acceptance, gratitude, and facing my fears. For years I’d been a closet smoker. It was during one of her guided meditations that I knew it was time to leave that behind.

Mostly I think I learned to “stand in the moment”, flexible, but firmly on the ground. Since completing two of her group coaching/yoga series, I feel more prepared for life’s unending changes. I’m much more grateful and flexible with myself, and others. Lynette helped me to maintain an attitude of curiosity about the joys and perplexities of this life-journey, and because of all of this, I’m much more open-hearted, to everything.”

~Ellen H.