Are you ready to establish intentions that will make a significant impact in your day to day life?

Do you want to reclaim your values and align your life to reflect them?

Are you desiring clarity in your mind, peace in your heart, and balance in your life?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, join us to discover how to live with less stress and more intention.

This workshop is designed to help you shift from Tension to Intention by focusing on restoring balance in every aspect of life. When one aspect of our health or life is suffering, it manifests into other areas of our lives as well.

We will assess the areas of life that influence a sense of balance and overall health such as movement, exercise, rest, sleep, play, relationships, work, and environment in an effort to gain clarity and empower you to take steps to greater health and well-being.

I use the Wheel of Health (created by Duke Integrative Medicine) as a framework to explore and self-assess our lives from a comprehensive perspective.

In this workshop, you will:

  • reconnect with your core values, establish clear intentions, and create a plan to put your intentions into action
  • learn self-care practices and tools to stay grounded, prioritize what matters most to you, and shift from a stressful state of mind to a peaceful state of mind
  • learn breathing and mindful movement practices to decrease stress, illicit relaxation, calm your mind, ease muscular tension and tightness, mitigate pain, regulate emotions as well as enhance cognitive function

Please join us to explore gentle movement, restorative yoga poses, guided meditation, discussion, and journal exercises.

No yoga experience is necessary. Workshop is open to all levels. Please bring a journal, mat, water, and any props you might want to use.

I, too, am on this journey. Come refocus, re-balance, and reset with me.

Stay tuned, date TBA.

Contact me if you have questions regarding the workshop or if would like to discuss private coaching, yoga, or movement.

*** I offer Shift From Tension to Intention program in private (1:1) personalized for you. Contact me to get started. 

*** Shift From Tension to Intention program can also be tailored to meet the needs of your organization or group. Contact me for more information. Visit my Corporate Wellness page to learn more about my corporate wellness opportunities.